National Juvenile Court Data Archive

The National Juvenile Court Data Archive, funded by OJJDP since 1975, provides detailed and accurate information on the activities of the nation's juvenile courts to juvenile justice professionals, policy makers, researchers, and the public. The project receives automated data on more than 1 million juvenile court cases each year from roughly 2,300 juvenile courts and reorganizes the original data into a common format that supports statistical analyses. The Archive produces the annual Juvenile Court Statistics series of reports and OJJDP Fact Sheets; maintains the juvenile court information on OJJDP’s Statistical Briefing Book web site; responds to hundreds of inquiries annually from universities, the media, and federal, state, and local agencies; and provides technical assistance to state and local agencies working to improve their juvenile court information systems.

National Juvenile Court Data Archive web site

Project staff members recently completed Juvenile Court Statistics 2014. This report is the latest in a series that has been published since 1929. This report includes data from 1985 through 2014. Juvenile Court Statistics (JCS) reports are disseminated as both printed and web-based publications. Free, electronic copies of the report are available on the NCJJ, OJJDP, and Archive websites. Various JCS-related OJJDP Fact Sheets are also available free online. The data analysis tool Easy Access to Juvenile Court Statistics allows users to analyze the actual databases that are used to produce the JCS reports. The latest update includes 2014 estimates, and introduces national estimates of cases involving Hispanic youth. In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions on the Statistical Briefing Book answers the most commonly asked questions about youth involved with juvenile courts. JCS data are also incorporated into the electronic DMC Databook and the MacArthur-funded Juvenile Justice GPS website.